Video Poker
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Welcome to my Video Poker example page.  No real gambling, just some fun with Video Draw Poker in your web browser.  When you first come to the site, you will get 100 "chips" in your bank.  On each hand you can bet from 1 to 5 "chips."  After the initial deal of your 5 cards, you select the cards you wish to throw away and re-draw.  There is only one draw, after which the payout is done.  The payout for the different hands is shown in the payout table.

The JavaScript that implements this page will use cookies to store your bank amount and the style of playing cards you have selected.  This is only stored within cookies on your browser and is never stored on the server.  In fact, this page is totally "static" as far as the server is concerned even though it is interactive on your browser.  All of the interactivity is local to your browser.  That means that this page does not interact with the web server and that all actions are local other than the initial loading of the page and images.  Because this page does not interact with the server, you can download a copy of this page in order to play this while not connected to the internet.  Just unzip/extract the files and load the VideoPoker.html file into your browser.

This web page is a simple Video Poker demonstration that makes use HTML 4.0, Style Sheets, and JavaScript.  This page uses no browser specific code and does not detect your browser version.  It is known to work in Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Omniweb, Netscape, and IE.  It is possible to build generic web pages and applications without limiting the application to a specific platform or browser.  WordWiggle is another example of such a set of pages.